What Can I Do if My Partner Doesn’t Support My Pregnancy?

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What Can I Do if My Partner Doesn’t Support My Pregnancy?

Support is crucial when you have an unexpected pregnancy. And you alone can make a pregnancy decision. Having an unsupportive partner can make moving forward seem impossible.

You should never be coerced into choosing abortion. Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center provides no-cost, confidential support and cares about your well-being.

Navigating This Issue

Consider why your partner is unsupportive. Is he worried about you continuing the pregnancy or scared to become a father? Or is he an abusive person?

If your partner is abusive, know that you deserve to live in a safe, loving environment. For the sake of your health and that of your pregnancy, you should seek help. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for 24/7 confidential support.

If your partner isn’t abusive but is fearful of this pregnancy, he may need time to process the situation. Give him that time, and you can have another conversation when you both feel comfortable.

How to Move Forward

Identifying the root cause of his fears is crucial. Attending an options counsel session together at Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center can help him address his concerns and understand why you wish to continue the pregnancy or are interested in another option. We have men on our staff experienced in supporting fathers; he might be more comfortable talking confidentially one-on-one with another man.

If he participated in this pregnancy, your partner is legally obligated to provide child support should you choose to parent. You may find that he is unsupportive of this pregnancy decision, but you deserve to move forward.

Leaning on a support system is essential. Healthily relying on family and friends can provide the help you deserve. And our center is always here to provide extra support, even if you just need a friendly face to speak with.

What We Offer

Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center offers no-cost, confidential services, including pregnancy tests and limited obstetric ultrasounds to confirm key details. We also provide trustworthy, compassionate options education sessions, and ongoing support, if desired.

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