What Can Guys Do with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

what can guys do during a pregnancy

What Can Guys Do with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Your mind may be reeling from the news that your partner has an unplanned pregnancy. An unplanned pregnancy is stressful for her, but you may also feel overwhelmed and frightened.

There’s much you can do to sort through your emotions and help your partner during this time. Lighthouse Pregnancy Center offers real support for anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy—you deserve no-cost resources and information.

1. Identify how you feel.

You could be feeling various emotions right now. Whether that’s shock, anger, or even confusion, it’s all understandable. Remember not to take your feelings out on your partner, and give yourself time to process them.

As you determine how to support your partner, remind yourself that you must be well mentally and physically during this time. Don’t take on more than you can handle; your well-being matters, too.

2. Have open and honest conversations.

Your partner may want you to play a role in the pregnancy decision-making process, or she might prefer space now.

Understandably, tensions can be high, especially at the beginning. Give your partner time to process her own emotions and rest. Pregnancy causes intense physical and emotional changes that can make her feel moody, tired, or even uncomfortable.

Once you’re both ready, plan how you’ll navigate this new experience. Touch base with your partner on how she’s doing and feeling. Identify which pregnancy option she’s considering, and share your opinions thoughtfully and maturely.

Offering to help by buying groceries or attending appointments together can make a world of difference to your partner. It’s crucial to convey that you’re there for her and won’t disappear.

3. Seek additional support.

Leaning on others during this time can be very beneficial. Whether they’re a family friend, parenting, or mentor, sharing your feelings and discussing any worries or frustrations with them may be helpful.

As your partner moves forward with the decision-making process, remember that it’s ultimately her decision. She may welcome your input, or it may be difficult to see eye-to-eye.

Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center provides various support services for men. Whether you need a listening ear or someone to discuss pregnancy options, we’re here for you.

No-Cost, Confidential Help

Lighthouse is here for you and your partner. Our no-cost, confidential services include lab-quality pregnancy testing and ultrasound to medically confirm your partner’s pregnancy, options counsel sessions, and more.

We don’t provide or refer for abortions, but we’ll supply the facts needed to make an informed decision.

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