Fertility Awareness

If your future plans include children, you will want to make healthy choices today with that goal in mind.

Due to their design, women’s reproductive systems are more susceptible than men’s to the effects of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Lighthouse is committed to helping women of all ages raise their fertility awareness.

Lighthouse offers fertility education to help each woman understand how her body works, so that she is empowered to reverence her body and her ability to conceive and nurture life. When women understand this powerful gift, they are more likely to make life-enhancing choices for themselves and their children, including:

  • Stopping unhealthy sexual activity
  • Making wiser choices with men
  • Respecting their own bodies


Although Lighthouse does not provide or refer for birth control, our staff will gladly answer general reproductive health questions during your appointment at our center. In keeping with the Center for Disease Control’s findings, the center recommends abstinence as the only 100% effective method of birth control and STD prevention (for single teens and adults). Lighthouse encourages those who are sexually active to see their personal physician for regular exams and to discuss the impact of specific forms of birth control on your health.

Be sure you understand the consequences of your sexual choices – to ensure a healthy future.


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