How to Tell Your Partner and Family You Are Pregnant

How to Tell Your Partner and Family You Are Pregnant

It’s often challenging to share the news of your unexpected pregnancy with loved ones. You likely care deeply about what your partner and family think.

Although this is normal, remember that they cannot make a pregnancy decision for you. Your loved ones may be disappointed or even angry, but this is your life, and you can still move forward.

Planning Your Conversations

When sharing the news, timing and location are crucial. Telling your partner or family when they are distracted by work or school can provoke a reaction that may not match their true feelings. Choose a setting and time when they can provide their full attention.

With difficult conversations, it’s best to be direct. You only need to provide the details you’re comfortable with. Your parents, for example, may question possible pregnancy decisions or “how this could have happened.”

Know that, in most cases, your loved ones are coming from a place of concern. Their initial, emotional reaction will likely change when they’ve had time to calm down and reflect. Researching your pregnancy options beforehand and scheduling an initial appointment with a pregnancy resource center can help alleviate these worries. They’ll see you have a plan in place.

Depending on your situation, you’ll need to discuss your partner’s role in this pregnancy. If you choose parenting, for example, he has a financial responsibility to the child. And if you’re still weighing options, you can determine his role in helping you with this decision.

Remember: this is your pregnancy. You should never be coerced into making a decision against your will.

Next Steps

Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center helps you medically confirm and date your pregnancy with a limited obstetric ultrasound. This is offered after receiving a positive pregnancy test at our center.

We also provide options education sessions, so you can get the information you need. Your partner is welcome to attend your appointment.

We’re here for you. Request a no-cost, confidential appointment today.