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A woman thinking about how to tell her partner and family that she is pregnant.
How to Tell Your Partner and Family You Are Pregnant?

You’re pregnant, and perhaps you weren’t planning to be. An unplanned pregnancy can be frightening, and you may wonder where (or who) to turn to.  Telling your partner and parents is an excellent first step, but it could be daunting. We’ll break down how you can...

A woman seeking guidance from a healthcare professional regarding pregnancy symptoms and concerns.
Top 7 Pregnancy Symptoms

Certain pregnancy symptoms can be obvious, while others may feel unexpected. Some women do not experience any symptoms apart from a missed period.  Undergoing pregnancy testing and an utrasound is the only way to reliably confirm your pregnancy and determine key details about its health. But...

What Are My Second-Trimester Pregnancy Options?
What Are My Second-Trimester Pregnancy Options?

Have an unexpected pregnancy? Some women don’t discover they’re pregnant until their second trimester. If this applies to you, you may wonder about your pregnancy options. In New Jersey, abortion is legal with few restrictions. The procedure must be performed in a state-licensed hospital or ambulatory...