Two Cries for Help

This woman is wondering is abortion or adoption right for her?

Two Cries for Help

From Lauren Ramkawsky, staff sonographer and post-abortion group leader

Two phone conversations on the same day. Two different women with the same pain.
Pain I am familiar with from my own abortion experiences.
One said her abortion was thirty years ago, the other, five days.
Thirty years provides time for layer upon layer of protection to encase the heart.
Five days is fresh, raw, naked…exposed.
Yet the cry of the mother’s heart remains the same, undimmed over decades.

It doesn’t seem to matter if we consider ourselves pro-choice or pro-life.
When it becomes personal, we are suddenly shifted into unfamiliar territory where labels have no meaning.
We often believe that we are alone in our pain and there is no hope for wholeness or joy to return.
Those thoughts may keep us on a lonely road of sadness and guilt.
But there is a path to healing. There is hope for restoration and redemption.
Lighthouse offers free, confidential support to women (and men) impacted by the elective termination of a pregnancy.

We can be different women. Stronger, wiser women who carry our experience into the future, speaking with the voice of truth and a heart of love.
Abortion’s promise to end a pregnancy comes with a price tag, but by God’s free grace, our hearts and lives can be restored.

Begin your healing journey here.