Life After Abortion

Women and Abortion

Abortion can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a woman’s life. The loss of pregnancy through abortion may be far in your past, but the memories remain. In many cases, the pain of loss may initially be buried, only to surface later in relationship difficulties, depression or physical, psychological or spiritual problems. You may feel emotions crashing down on you leaving you feeling stuck and alone. Please know that you are not an island, and are not alone!

You may not realize that some of the changes in your emotions and behaviors are related to the abortion.

Men and Abortion

Men are left on their own to handle the “aftermath” of an abortion when they preferred the mother chose “life”. Maybe you tried to talk the mother out of the abortion, or found out afterward that she made the choice without your knowledge. You deserve to acknowledge the loss of that child, and grieve that loss, as much as the woman who made the decision.

A man who passively supported any decision the woman made, or perhaps encouraged or pressured for abortion, may begin to feel inexplicable anger. Often, underlying the anger is a sense of powerlessness. You may feel guilty for your sexual irresponsibility or feel unforgivable for pushing the woman to end the life of your child.

Even if abortion was in a previous relationship, it can be divisive to later relationships.

Others Impacted by Abortion

Siblings, grandparents, friends, etc. who facilitated the abortion, or perhaps became aware of the decision later, may struggle with a sense of guilt or undefined loss.

Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center is here for women, men, siblings, grandparents or anyone else that might be hurting emotionally, psychologically, physically or spiritually due to an abortion. We acknowledge that this pain may not be recognized by other family members, friends or by society. But, we KNOW your emotions exist, and we’re here to help.

Confidential individual, couples and group support is available for your journey toward healing. We offer both faith based and non-faith based curriculum.

If you've experienced an abortion, your life may have changed in the following ways:

  • abusive behavior
  • alcohol and / or drug use
  • avoids baby reminders (like baby showers, baby stores, etc.)
  • changes in relationship / marriage (many relationships break up after an abortion)
  • control issues
  • crying spells
  • difficulty in all types of intimacy
  • divides time into "before" and "after" the abortion
  • eating disorders
  • fails to bond with subsequent children
  • loss of interest in sex
  • loss of normal sources of pleasure
  • marital stress
  • need of financial success
  • over-protective of living children
  • promiscuity or frigidity
  • reduced motivation
  • secretive
  • self-punishing and / or self-degrading behavior
  • sleep disturbances
  • strained relationship with living children
  • suicidal impulses
  • tolerates abusive relationships
  • wants atonement / replacement child
  • withdrawn