How an Adoption Plan Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

This woman is thinking about how an adoption plan can prevent depression caused by abortion.

How an Adoption Plan Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

Making an adoption plan can prevent depression caused by abortion by enabling women to carry their babies to term, even if they don’t have a desire to parent. 

Abortion and Mental Health: Is There a Connection?

As unique individuals, every woman will react differently to abortion.

That’s why the link between abortion and mental health has been widely studied and debated. Even without a direct cause-and-effect relationship for every woman, experts agree that some women do have feelings of sadness, grief, and loss after an abortion, and some experience clinically significant disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Who Is Most at Risk for Depression Caused By Abortion? 

In 2008, the American Psychological Association put together the Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion, and identified key risk factors for negative mental health outcomes following pregnancy termination. The strongest predictor of negative psychological reactions to abortion was a prior history of mental health problems. If you already struggle with depression and anxiety, abortion can certainly aggravate your current condition. Some other risk factors include:

  • Terminating a wanted pregnancy
  • Pressure from others to abort
  • Lack of social support 
  • Perceptions of stigma
  • Personality factors, such as low self-esteem

How an Adoption Plan Can Help Prevent Depression 

An adoption plan provides an alternative to abortion that doesn’t require the responsibility of parenting. It enables women to carry to term, while preventing feelings of grief, loss, and regret triggered by abortion. 

As the birth mother, you have the power to decide your child’s future living situation. You create the plan and set the terms. If you don’t want any contact with your child you can choose a closed adoption plan, but if you do want to have contact, you can create an open adoption plan. You will also select the adoptive parents and have peace knowing your child will be raised in a loving home.

While adoption does involve carrying to term, it’s an option to consider if you’re concerned about parenting or the impact abortion could have on your mental health.

Remember, You Have Options

No matter your circumstances or if you’re facing pressure, know you have options. 

We provide a safe space for you to share your feelings about each pregnancy option, and determine which is the right one for you. We’ll also confirm your pregnancy with testing and an ultrasound for no cost.

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