A Hope For The Future

A Hope For The Future

If the women coming to our centers with unplanned pregnancies this December had wish lists, at the top would be the ability to look into the future to see the results of their pregnancy decisions. But there is no “Ghost of Pregnancy Decisions Future,” crystal ball or money-back guarantee we can offer as they decide their next step.

What Lighthouse can offer them – and you – is an ultrasound and a few visions of Pregnancy Decisions Past.

  • Rebecca – a new mom at 17 – shared this about her experience at Lighthouse at our 2006 fundraising banquet.
    When I first found out I was pregnant, my life was completely changed. The counselor I met with at Lighthouse was Pam. We met weekly for a long time, and she helped me realize that God has a plan for all of us, that everything that happens, happens for a reason – whether it was planned or not.
    Rebecca recently returned to our Hawthorne center with 15 third-grade Brownies in tow, including her daughter Madison! Not only is her beautiful daughter a blessing to Rebecca, but she and her friends blessed Lighthouse with diapers, baby food, blankets and other essentials for the families we are serving.
  • Kari came to our center in 2009 as a junior in college. She already had an abortion appointment scheduled, when she came to Lighthouse for an ultrasound. There were a lot of forces pressuring Kari to terminate the pregnancy, but holding onto the image of her preborn son, she chose life. With permission, I share one of Kari’s recent Facebook posts:
    Justin: I’m going to get Santa a present.
    Mom: What are u going to get him?
    Justin: I think he’d like a guitar.
    That’s my very thoughtful boy. I’ve never heard of anyone thinking of getting Santa something.

Over and over again, we hear Lighthouse moms say how thankful they are to have chosen life. We can’t guarantee that life will go perfectly, but we can remind them that God has a wonderful plan for every life.

May the peace and joy of Christmas be yours, no matter what challenges you are facing today.