Lighthouse believes that each person – little and big, young and old – is an amazing and unique creation of a loving, artistic God.  We also believe that each of us was created in the image of this God – which means that it is our privilege and responsibility to reflect His good qualities to the rest of the world.

The Old Testament book of Psalms uses the words “fearfully and wonderfully made” to describe us.  How often do you think of yourself as wonderful?   Probably not often enough.   Most often, most of us only see the way we don’t measure up to airbrushed images in the media, or to others’ pictures on social media, or to the image we wish we saw in the mirror.

Life is short; don’t spend yours trying to be someone else.  After all, there is no one better at being you than YOU!  You have been fearfully and amazingly made.  To share the best version of yourself with others, try pausing each day to appreciate – even celebrate – who you are.  When you look in the mirror, look for what’s special about you – not what you want to change!  Try picturing yourself as God’s dearly loved child – the way a new mom thinks her baby is the most beautiful creation in the world.

Saturday, December 12, from noon to 4 pm at our Paterson Center (75 Ellison St), Lighthouse is partnering with New Destiny Family Success Center and a group of volunteer photographers for an event called “Help-Portrait.”  The event is open to all residents of Paterson.  Help-Portrait provides participants with some food and fun, a mini “make-up” session, and a professional-quality photograph.  The printed portrait you take home is a gift – meant to remind you that you are God’s gift to the world.

Yes, you are God’s gift to the world.  And so am I. The sooner we believe it, the better off our world will be.